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LoadCentral is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the Philippines today. With LoadCentral , if you have a cellular phone and a personal.......(read more)

​@2017 . 

Sun Cellular  with the Company Brand tag Line the Good Choice has started the Year 2015 with a blast.  My monthly consumption of Prepaid Load was Only P200.  ..........(read more)

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For Prepaid Subscribers like me I prefer to use Sun Cellular since it offers practical way for monthly load consumption.
Since Text Unlimited Promo was offered by Sun Cellular last 2012 I have been a loyal User of CTU200.
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How much is your budget for a Prepaid Load Monthly? or how much do you spend for a Load so that you can text your love ones or for business purpose. My monthly budget for a prepaid load is 300 Pesos, personal preference sun cellular load good for 30 days.

Do you wish to save even if its minimal amount on you monthly load expenses? one way is you can become a Load express retailer.

Be a loadcentral retailer and enjoy Load Discounts.

Click here to check the Retailer LoadCentral Discount Structure

I applied the retailer program because registration is free , I can reload my own number , its convenient using my own personal number and phone as loader , good savings and looking on the big picture it could be a good business opportunity you get discounts as your profit.

If you want to be a loadcentral retaileryou can register your own cellphone number. After successful registration you will be given access to a loadcentral webtool , just follow few instructions and then you are good to go, you can then reload 400+ products. Load Central webtool has a friendly interface and very easy to use.

You can be a one stop reloading station using you own number. Register now!!

How much can you save? 
You can save as much as 3 to 12 percent of the Load Amount.
Like for example if you reload Sun Cellular 300 load you can save up to 18 pesos.
Retailer Percentage Profit vary on the amount of load and network reloaded.

How to Register?
Registration is free. Just Provide a registered dealer with the following Information:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Number to be Registered: ( any network will do)
Government Issued # : Like SSS #93939393

Give your dealer few minutes and you will receive a text that you are registered as a Loadcentral Retailer.

Where can you contact a dealer?
I am a registered dealer so I can register you for free.
Just contact me thru this # 09425660158 , leave a reply below or contact me thru Facebook or twitter.