Name: Rommel Tuscano
Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this email finds you well. i tried to follow the step and i did the payment several times. but this time it didn't work. any idea? Best regard, Rommel.

Nicegab: Hi Rommel, please go thru again with the steps and make sure you provide the correct reference number. 


pedro s. sanchez
i want also check may payment history

Nicegab: You can check your payment history in your Metrobank transaction History tab and you can also check it thru your pag ibig online , here's a link for a step by step guid to have an account online http://www.nicegab.com/pag-ibig-statement-online.html



Hi, each month's bill have different payment reference no. Do I have to do the steps all over again?

Nicegab: hi Neil, yes you have to do it monthly.


Alvin Asistio
The information presented here is helpful. But is it ok to pay online if the billing had already passed its due date? Thanks!

Nicegab: Hi Alvin,thank you yes, you can still pay they can link your payment to a reference number found on your billing statement which they require also when you pay online.



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  • in CATEGORY choose Government , BILLER Pag-ibig Fund (Individual), in the Subcriber/Account number encode your 20 digit payment reference number that you can find in your monthly HL Billing Statement. Enter Amount and Confirm.

A convenient way to pay your mortgages is by issuance of checks, for some real estate developer part of the acquisition requirements is for you to issue checks in advance monthly base that covers for two years before they release your contract of sale, that would be twenty four checks all in all.

As I finished my two years equity, the checks I’ve issued been all cleared as payment. Now, I am advice to pay directly to pag ibig offices.

I usually pay my bills online so I search on the internet of an option to pay using my debit cards, I know there should a way because I really have no patience in queuing and waiting. I take advantage of the internet because not only I can save a lot of time to do other stuff but most importantly I can save Gasoline and away from traffic.

Then, I asked the developer to shorten my time searching the web and they tipped me to pay via Metrobank though payments will be considered after 2- 3 days. No problem with me I can adjust, in fact I can do it anytime as long as I have internet connection..

Below is a Step by step guide if you pay your monthly loan amortization to pag ibig via Metrobank Online.

Before you pay make sure you have a pag-ibig payment references number or check here for a step by step guide on how to get it online.



  • Thats it! Your done.
  • You will be redirected to Transaction Acknowledgment Page where you can Print a copy. A copy of this Acknowledgment is also sent to your email.
  • On the Left side of your screen click on Pay bills

Social Security Service or SSS members can check their account Information, Status of Loan, Payables, Remittances etc. by just registering your Account Online.  [read more]

Check your Pag-ibig Housing Loan Billing Statement Online and your payment references online! ......[ read more ]

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